About Jitesh Manwani

Mr. Jitesh Manwani started training in the year 2010. He is a Video Sales Specialist who has helped many businesses to grow in a few months; he helps thousands of entrepreneurs every month through his online sessions and videos.

He is an MBA from Delhi and is a certified NLP practitioner, having the certification by the American Society of NLP, which is a language to understand the human mind. He has trained in companies like Tata group of companies, Raymond’s, Globus, Lodha Group, Premier Bio soft, Crystal gallery Dubai, Shakti Pumps, S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Ola, IIFM (Bhopal), ITC. Trained nationalities including Italians, Russians, Arabs, Egyptians, Lebanese and many more and has made a fabulous international mark.

Another feather in the cap is that Jitesh has obtained the “Making the Stage” training certification from Success Resources, Singapore, which is one of the biggest certifications for trainers on the planet.

Jitesh is a fitness enthusiast, has won accolades in tennis and now preparing for a marathon. He is a passionate nature lover and promotes ideologies which are related to nature. Now a parent to a three year old, Rudra.