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Omega Level

Omega is one stop solution for the coaches who have dreamt about setting up a successful online coaching business, running ads and doing webinars.


Omega Level

Omega is that program in the ocean of courses which not only gives clarity of how to start your journey of successful online coaching but also teaches you how you can scale it through online advertisement. Omega level of JMAC covers everything from clearing niche, to making your offer irresistible, from running ads to clocking sales through the most effective and proven sales system in the industry.

Omega Program: Your one-stop shop to launch and scale your online coaching business. Master niching, crafting offers, running ads, and closing sales with proven methods.

This program cuts through the clutter, giving you laser focus on launching and scaling your online coaching business. Go from zero to hero with proven methods for:


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Omega is the all-in-one solution for aspiring coaches who dream of building a thriving online business through coaching, ads, and webinars. Stop dreaming, start launching – with Omega.