I Will Help You Create THAT ONE VIDEO Which Will ATTRACT, ENGAGE & CONVERT 5X, 10X, Even 20X More Customer

Join More Than 3000+ Coaches, Consultants, and Exprets that used the exact same method to grow their online business... most of them were struggling to get leads

What Is Video Sales Challenge ?

Video Sales Challenge Is Juice Of My 5 Years Of Journey As An Entrepreneur Who Generate Leads With Videos And Then Converted Them Into My Life Long Customer.

It Is A 3 Hours LIVE INTERACTIVE Workshop Where You'll Learn To create videos that'll HOOK YOUR CUSTOMERS and will forever Generate LEADS For You.

and Yes Don't Worry About "How I'm Gonna Get Traffic ?" or "How I'll Shoot And Edit ?" I've Got It Coverd.

Here's What We'll Be Going to Cover In This Session

And, How You Can Embrace this new era Of video marketing For Your Business which was earlier the game of Corporate Giants

It Could Be The First Step To Take Your Business Online To


Without Having A Sales Force

Jitesh Manwani

Video Sales Specialist

Video Sales Challenge Is Just Around The Corner, And i wanted to send this as your official invitation to join us.

We Study World's Top Video marketing courses and share EXCATLY what's working, and how you can implement these things inside your coaching and expert Business.

We've Compressed down all the juice from those courses and presented it front of you in the form of a "3 Hours Live Coaching", Where we will cover the art and science behind video sales.

Why Video Sales ?

Let's Just say ! You Want to Generate Leads For Your Business

What OTher Options Are Available For You ?

TOO much costly... Almost 15 - 20 Lakhs A Month. Also Not Reaching To Targeted People... Not A Long Term Strategy...

TOO much costly... Almost go as high as ₹3000 For 10 sec advertisement. again Not Reaching To Targeted People... Not A Long Term Strategy...

Believe Me, I've Done All Of That And got no results !

But Why All Of These Didn't Worked For Us?

The Biggest Thing Which makes the difference here, which was in offline business and is now not in online business is "BUILDING RAPPORT"

Building rapport is the process of establishing that connection usually based on shared experiences or views, including a shared sense of humour,

While Doing Business online, Rapport Building was easier. You Went for a session or to meet your prospect, you started chatting and BOOOM... ITs DONEE

On The other hand, when doing business online, Building rapport is usually very tough. You directly meet them in Your Zoom Call Or Webinar, And Its Always Majorly A One way Communication...

How Video Sales mETHOD Can Help Me in That ?

And You Know The Relation Between TRUST AND SALES

When We Say About selling through videos, We don't Direcly Ask you to start Making a sales video Start selling with that.

we start by Creating some value videos and put them on your social media handel on their problem, interest and confusion of your target audience...

This Will Build Your Credility in front of your Audience who visit your profile before joining you which will build their trust on Your business...

In video sales Challenge we will help you create multiple value videos and that one Sales Video which will generate leads for you forever...

ANd THats Not It...

You'll Also Get

Video Sales Workbook

Converting Videos Script

Video Sales Challenge Workbook

Facebook Ads Workbook

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