How I Run My Facebook Ads

Do you want to learn online advertising?

This blog is for coaches and consultants who want to take their business online and scale up drastically.

You will the below topics in this blog
1.Why run ads?
2.When to run ads?
3.Which platform to choose?
4.Where to run ads?
5.How to set the budget?

1. Why run ads We generally have a myth that we can earn more only when we become famous but there are many coaches who earn more even though they are not popular. We should understand that leads are more important than views. Eg: Few of my videos had many views and comments but I was not able to get business from them. So, why to run ads is to get leads but not views or reach

2. Where to promote
There are many platforms that you can run ads like, Face book, LinkedIn, Google, or youtube
Facebook: Fb works as interrupt marketing (you keep scrolling the page and ads will come in between).
Interrupt marketing has more reach for products or services that a customer is unaware of that particular need.
Eg: I prefer FB to advertise my course of video sales challenge as people don’t know about video sales and I can get a chance to interrupt them, educate them and create awareness of their hidden need

There is a famous quote from Steve jobs
People don’t know what they want I know what they want
As an advertiser, you should know the unaware need of customers and Facebook ads help in interrupt advertising. The same principle works for LinkedIn Google and youtube: Both are search-based advertising. Relevance is more in these two platforms. Eg: If you are searching for insurance policies and you get insurance ads in your search then it has more relevance and the chances of getting business will be more. Which is better?
FB is quick and easy- Starting and getting leads is easy in the FB.
Google and youtube require time and algorithms and you should feed them(invest) to generate leads.

3. Which ad to run
Whether you have to run a photo ad or video ad? You can run both video and photo ads
The importance of a photo ad is that you can run a photo ad very fast by making a post in canva
Minimize your text in a photo ad so that FB can get you more reach.
You should be very careful as your ad may get banned if there is any violation in the Copywrite of your ad.
To start – a photo ad is the best but later after getting the experience you can move to video ads.
Video Ads: A photo is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures. There will be more trust and connect through video ads. Video ads work brilliant and lead costs will be less.
Video ads are the best if you gain experience and FB starts approving your ads.
Who will watch my ads

Your audience will watch your ads
Facebook will provide an option to choose your audience by their interests, hobbies, brands and famous people
Eg: If you want to run an ad for a motivational speech, then your audience’s interest would be reading books, hobbies would be speaking and the brands they like would be HP or DELL.

4. When is the best time to run ads
The best time is every time and we generally run ads around the year

5. How much should be the budget
The lead cost would be around Rs10/- to Rs 30/- (If you are planning for a free webinar)
If you are targeting 100 leads then your budget will be approximately 3000/-
If the daily budget would be around Rs 1000/- to 1500/-, then FB will be able to do proper testing of your ad
Getting results would be easy if you are following the proper system.