How To Write A Script

Usually there are two types of creators ,

TYPE A -The ones who make regular videos and make them for the algorithm, as in if you make regular videos, algorithm will promote your videos on a regular basis. But in this way at times they end up making meaningless videos .

TYPE B -They may or may not be consistent but they surely make meaningful and valuable videos. In the first case the creators make more videos just to support the algorithm but in the second case ,they are viewer centred . An algorithm is basically nothing but what mimics user behaviour and slowly turns into viewer behaviour itslef . So today our motive is to learn how to make meaningful videos in 5 ways .

1-Reverse Engineering Reverse engineering means to get into the topic, to know what people want to know on that particular topic. Do not decide the content of the video before hand ,first find out what people want to listen. Know how to package your knowledge .Give answers to questions because all people want is answers to their questions . Find their doubts and answer , the video will automatically turn out to be meaningful. Present the video in a way that the viewer gets its answer .So use reverse engineering and search doubts and topics on which people wish to know more about .

2-Speak from your experience . Experience is everything . Even if you have less experience ,its fine . Your video will be basically watched by people who have lesser experience than you, such people are the ones who follow you. So there will be atleast a few number of people with lesser experience than you in your field . Always speak from your experience , if you only talk the bookish language the videos will be meaningless. The X-factor comes only when you speak from your experience . Your content will only have true words if they are inspired by your life.

3-Always follow a mentor Everyone should always look upto someone as a mentor in your particular field. For eg- when I started learning public speaking I kept Mr.Sneh Desai as my mentor ,further follow by Blair Singer .There always has to be a coach, someone you look upto ,who gives you clearity in your life, guides you .When I started learning Internet marketing I kept Mr Siddharth as my mentor and then later had Mr Sam Ovens as my mentor .Unless you don’t follow a mentor in your respective field you wont gain the confidence you need to make a video.

4-Serve a lot of people Serve as many clients as you can ,be it for free ,or less money or even if you face loss but do it because ahead in life its going to help you make a lot of money if you use this strategy .If you serve many clients you understand a common pattern of their doubts their questions their mistakes their problems and can be your content to make a video. Ask a lot of questions to your clients , customers . Basically listen more and speak less if you want to make better videos

5- Provide facts and figures . Studies , Case studies , Research ,reports , statistics all of these are numbers which are very intresting . Always find numbers on your subject , people love numbers .We often give opinions in our videos ,but we are not that famous that our opinion actually matters to someone a lot . So always support your opinions with facts and figures . For eg – if you take a particular topic as the topic for your video , search on google about its statistics ,you will get numbers , research on that topic , now if you base your content on that numbers it will increase the value of your video

-Thank you !!!!