How To Create A Video Sales Letter


What is a video sales letter?
A video sales letter is the fastest way to explain and sell your business
product or service.
Generally, people don’t understand the difference between a video sales letter and a video sales advertisement.

This blog helps everyone to understand
The difference between video sales letters and video sales ads and
The content and formula of video sales letters that is highly convertible.

The formula of a video sales letter is

A video sales letter is an elevator-style pitch
Eg: you meet an investor in an elevator and you hardly have 4 min to explain your concept or idea.
The same way a video sales letter is to pitch your product in 5 to 20 minutes.
Video sales letter has a duration of 5-20 min
Video sales ads have a duration of 30 – 60 seconds
The objective of video sales ad is to generate curiosity
The objective of a video sales letter is to generate sales as it has more time

Let us understand more with an example. The formula for video sales letter is APPAT
A- attention
P-pain point
Attention: Whatever may be the ad, initially you have to grab the attention of the customer.
Eg: In our video sales coaching, we grab the attention of the audience by explaining how to 10x your quality leads with videos

Pain Point: Create a pain to get a call to action and sell your products. Explain their pain points and provide the

solution with your product.
Eg: When you make a video the pain point will be camera fear, technical challenges, and editing, low views for the videos, and consistency.

Product: Explain your product as a solution.
Eg: I will explain the content of the video sales coaching making them understand that they have to join the coaching if they want to overcome the camera fear and also learn how to edit videos and youtube mastery formula to get views

Action: Call to action and you should explain that they should click on join or sigh up button if they want a solution for their problems. You should explain clearly what would be the next step.

Testimonials: To look genuine and make gain your audience confidence, you have to provide testimonial and social proofs to show your work.
Eg:We provide many testimonials and screenshots of our audience like Mr. Sakal, MS. Renuka and other video sales stars