How To Create A Motivational Speech

Do you like watching motivational videos? In this blog, you can learn a tried and tested formula for giving a motivational speech or making a motivational video. The formula for making a motivational video is DSC

What is a motivational video? A video where you can motivate others to take an action. Let us understand what is the action and how to motivate.

Stage1- A burning desire
The first topic to start in the video is the burning desire of the niche and not with the problem. Desire should be big (like becoming a millionaire) Eg: You have to explain the benefits and desires of your niche Eg: To make a six-pack abs Eg: Make your business 10x

Stage2- Suppressant
Things that are stopping to achieve the burning desire of the niche Eg: The dream stealer around you who are telling you that you cannot do Eg: Your inner self and your eating habits that will cheat to make a six-pack Eg: No one has done it in your industry

Stage3- Call to action Call to action to achieve your desire like joining the group or your team to achieve the goal of your niche Eg: Join a community of people who are millionaires or trying to become. Eg: Strong will Eg: Get inspiration from other industries or from other countries

This is the motivational style of making a video, where you are not talking about the problem but talking about the burning desire or goals

The format of the motivational speech is as below