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Here's what we coverd in this 3 hours workshop including notes.

1. Three Dangerous Mistakes coaches make while selling their courses

💙 Unappealing Branding 

Mistake No.1 that most of the coaches are making today- Unappealing Branding

A coach needs to brand himself/herself in such a way that there is a high demand of his product/service and a low supply of it. The success JMAC got from Life Coaching is not the same as the success we got from Video Sales because we Re-branded ourselves in such a way that now the demand of this is very high and supply is very low.

Today, the majority of the coaches are making the mistake that they brand themselves just like everyone else. That’s why there is a lot of competition between one another. One has to Re-Brand himself/herself just like we JMAC Re-Branded ourselves.

Re-Branding journey of Jitesh-  Motivational Specking > Life Coaching > Business Coaching > Public Speaking > Digital Speaking > Video Sales

Let’s understand this with a real-life story of a young boy:-

Once there was a thirteen-year-old young boy, his father gave him secondhand clothes and said "What do you think the value of this outfit?" young boy replied, "Maybe 1 dollar." His father again said, "Can it sell for 2 dollars? If you manage to sell it, it means helping your father and your mother. "the young boy nodded his head," I'll try it, but not necessarily succeed."

He carefully washed the clothes clean. Since there is no iron to smoothing clothes, then he flattens the clothes with a brush on a flat board, then dried in the sun to dry. The next day, he carried the clothes to a busy underground station, offered up to more than six hours. Finally the young boy managed to sell the clothes. Now he held the $ 2 bills and ran home.

After that, every day he looked for used clothing, then tidied up and sold in the crowd.

Ten days later, his father again handed over a piece of used clothes to him, "what do you think, how you can sell these clothes for up to 20 dollars?" the young boy said, "How is that possible? This outfit is worth only $ 2. "His father again inspired him," Why don't you try it first? There must be a way."

Finally, the young boy gets one idea, he asks his cousin who learns to paint to describe the funny Donald Duck and the naughty Mickey Mouse on the clothes. Then he tried to sell it at a rich boy's school. Soon a housekeeper who picked up his little master bought the clothes for his little master. The little ten-year-old man loved the clothes, so he gave the young boy, a five-dollar tip. Of course 25 dollars is a huge sum for a young boy, equivalent to one month's salary of his father.

Arriving at home, his father returned a second piece of clothing to him, "Are you able to sell it  back for 200 dollars?" His father's eyes were sparkling.

This time young boy received the clothes without any hesitation. Two months later the coincidence of popular movie actress "Charlie Angels", Farah Fawcett came to New York to do a promo. After the press conference, young boy broke through security to reach Farah Fawcett's side and asked for his signature on his used clothes. When Fawcett saw an innocent child asking for his autograph, he happily signed his signature on the clothes.

Tha young boy was shouting with excitement, "This is a T-shirt that has been signed by Miss Farah Fawcett, the selling price of 200 dollars!" He auctioned the clothing, until an entrepreneur bought it for $ 1,200.

Upon returning home, his father with tears said, "It is inconceivable that you succeeded in doing so. My child! You are so great! "

So what you learned from this story? It simply means that a Re-Branding of a thing can literally change it’s value from 2 Dollar to even more than 1,200 Dollars.

One more Example is of TATA Nano Car Was it a bad product for 1.5 Lakhs? No it wasn’t. It was just wrongly promoted, it was not Branded correctly. 

On the other hand there is Tesla, is Tesla 1st EV? No it isn’t. It’s just Branded correctly.

So, the first thing a coach needs to do is Re-Branding because the message to market should be clear first and then after that the video angle, camera, light and other topics should be learnt.

 👁️ View Obsessed 

Most of the people run behind a lot of views on social media. But the fact is that the impact you creat is more important than the number of people you reach.

David Ogilvy (Father Of Advertising) says “ Don’t count the people that you reach, reach the people who count”

The real question is are you reaching to the right people? Most of the coaches target a lot of people due to which they do not reach the right people. One has to be specific on online platforms because you can reach thousands and lakhs of right people online so why to go general?

So, the summary of this is- Value is more important than views. 

❌ Wrong First Offer

Mistake No. 3 that most of the coaches are making today- Making  Wrong 1st Offer

Now to understand this let’s understand the sales funnel first - Checkout Section 2 

2. Video Sales Funnel Used By Top 1% Coaches And Course Creators

👍🏽 Sales Funnel 

How Video Sales Funnel Works For Coaches?

How this funnel works?

Firstly, a Coach makes few videos related to his topics for his Niche. Then he pitches his 1st offer that is a free offer. One has to make the 1st offer free because while doing online business, people trust you less as compared to offline business.

Now the 1st offer is Either 1-1 or Webinar i.e. a free offer.

After adding to some value to your leads’ life through your 1st offer, now you can pitch your 2nd offer (Your product/service)  that is a paid offer.

Now the question is what should be the 1st Free offer? One to one or Webinar?

The answer to this is that firstly in the beginning one has to do one to one as you have less experience. So initially you need to do one to one first, then gain some experience about the customers, after that you can start doing webinars.

When to start doing Webinars?

When you feel that you have done a lot of one to one calls and now the same set of questions/ problems are coming in front of your cutomers and you have to again and again respect the same things, then now this is the right time to shift from 1-1 to Webinar.

Should I make videos first and promote my course or should I make a course first?

In the beginning one has to test the offer first before creating a course because making a course is very time consuming and what if your offer is not accepted in the market? All the time will get wasted that you spent creating the course.

So, the option is to make videos first, pitch 1st offer i.e. 1-1/ Webinar then test the 2nd offer that will be a live coaching, if it get’s accepted then take the live classes and make a course of it after taking feedback of the people who joined.

3. Insider : Hybrid Video Strategy To Generate Quality Leads.

Hybrid Video Strategy Combined With Paid Marketing (Ads) 

Hybrid Marketing Strategy-

In the beginning a coach should focus to get atleast 1000 leads ASAP. With organic social media reach it may take years, but with paid, it is the matter of weeks. What we suggest is the Hybrid Strategy which means that you need to make organic videos to get organic leads and also run online Ads. to attract more and right kind of people.

Now here again a question comes, why a coach needs atleast 1000 leads ASAP?

The answer to this is that to test the leakage in the sales funnel, to check the loopholes/problems in the system of yourself, you need more leads. And it is absolutely possible with the hybrid strategy.

Why Paid Marketing (Ads) Works Very Well?-

Any social media platform has 2 kinds of audiences. One is that buys online products and another is the one which only consumes free content but do not buy much products. Now the question is that if you don’t provide them (Social Media Platforms) any business, then why will they provide you the right people? Why they will provide you the people who can be your customer if you are not paying anything to them?

If you pay them then only they give you the reach to the people who are actually buying the products related to your Niche.

So, the best thing one can do on social media is to follow Hybrid Strategy (Both paid and organic)

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