How To Take Your Knowledge Business From 100's of leads to 100's of Paying Customer Every month

Even If You're A Total Newbie In This Industry And Have No Experience Of Online Sales 

The Biggest Obstacle I Observed You All Are Facing After Completing OMEGA (Silver) level...

Dear Stars,

A golden opportunity will knock on the door and you should answer it !!

JMAC studies the world's best, but JMAC also keeps an eye on Its community , it is said that your market and your people can be the best guide to increase the level of the game you are playing for your business.

From The Past Few Months We're Noticing a Drop Of Good and Quality Testimonials of people generating revenue from the leads they generated with the help of  OMEGA (silver) level 

We sat down, we observed, we studied and we noticed something really important. The silver level of our community is falling a Little short in the online race.

we know you're making videos and generating leads but the biggest hurdle between you and your growth wont be getting the audience... 

after all you're A VIDEO SALES STAR and You've mastered the art of generating leads.. 

the real challenge will be generating revenue out of those leads. By you being able to conduct the webinar or the one to one call effectively.

You'll be facing multiple challenges like 

People not showing up in the webinar. 
last minute mistakes repeating. 
a poor conversions in webinar and 1-2-1 sales.

We got back to the drawing boards with again the world’s best and came to A conclusion. 

The solution came in the form of What we call “The Leo Level” - The silver level was able to generate the leads but not able to convert them into their customers.

The Leo level will introduce an economic alternative with the gist of our years-long learning again with the world’s best in the business which we summarized into the course.

But Wait : What is the meaning Of "LEO" Level ?

Well, To let you know leo is a name of a very small star which shines the brightest among the constellation. 

it can be said that even being small in size it shines the brightest... Getting Inspired with that we've created this LEO level.

LEO level Will Reveal That 20% Knowledge Which Is Holding Your 80% Results Back

Leo Level not only tap and acknowledge the most practical problem After Getting leads, but it solves those problems from the root level . 

It will help you upgrade your funnel and sales process and will make you A Brighter Video "Sales" Star.

And That's not it, It help you identify Leaks into your sales funnels and help you To Fix Them For Creating A Power Packed Sales Funnel Which Will Make Your Business Predictable Consistently and Run Your Business By The Numbers.

You are Gonna Learn Step by step plan to "SELL" your expertise and convert those leads into CASH

# 1 To 1 Closing System

Now If Your First Offer Is A Free Consultation Or A Free One on one call... 

you need to be good in One to One consulting sessions and not only that but Absolutely nailed the pitching of your product or service in the end... 

because that's the part where the real money comes from, now to sell that to customer you need to know a lot of things about your customer like : 

What is their current situation?
What is their desired situation?
How you can bridge this gap?

And dozens of question like that to understand and get clarity for you and your customer if you're a right fit each other or not?

In One to one Closing System i'll give you exact plug and play system and script, consisting of Dozens of questions, which will help you understand your prospect's problem and cLOSE THE SALE so that you can help them the best way you can.

# Converting Webinar Formula

and if your first offer is a Webinar... believe me... i have been through each and every problem you'll go through or you're going through...


people not showing up for the webinar, 

even if they show up, they don't stay till the end, 

even if they stay till end they don't buy the upsell

so how to know what went wrong ?

was the audience wasn't good enough ?
was the webinar wasn't good enough ?
or your offer was not irresistible ?

in Converting Webinar Formula, we've Cracked the formula of taking effective and highly Converting webinar with the experience we've got from conducting hundreds of webinars... 

we will give you step by step solutions Of,

how to start the webinar with the S.Q.I.T.W.R formula 
which topics to take in deep and which topics to be given a high level view of..
when and how to pitch your upsell to get maximum conversions out of it.

And Hundreds of pointers like them are answered with a step by step process, Sliced down to the penny... to give you the most benefit in minimum time. 

# Pressing The Magical Buttons.

now we know that even after doing all the things right... Somethings seems are not in our control right ?

People Join your whatsApp group but didn't attend your webinar,

or the quality of the audience isn't so good.. 

people scheduling one to one calls with you but aren't showing Up on calls. 

All Of This happens because of a Phenomenon called Funnel leakage...

Funnel Leakage Happens because of variety of causes but mainly due to low trust or low interactions with your audience. 

in pressing the magical buttons well go through both of the funnels for webinar and for one to one calls and see where are the leaks and how you reduce that leakage to get those customers in which were being left out...

Some Customer Love

Every Session that I attend it reinforces confidence that we are on a very *progressive growth oriented system*.

Thanks Jitesh  to bring several perspective during the bootcamp.

Piyush Kumar 

Absolutely fantastic 1to1 sales bootcamp. Many bulb on moments. 

Many learnings. Many realizations.


Arrshi Singh

Thanks a ton Team JM

Fantabulous Sessions

So much clarity for mindset, thoughts & action & the cherry on the cake were those 9 steps from Hi to Bye.

Nitin Kuckian

I never knew I will be a Sales person again being a Breathwork Coach...thank you Jitesh Sir for empowering me with so many values.

Thanks to your entire team.

Venkat Rao


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1 to 1 Closing System -It'll Help You Understand Your Customers And Close More And More Deals 
(Rs. 2,99,970 Value)

Pressing The Magical Buttons - It'll Help You Make Your Business More Predictible And Run Your Business By Numbers.
(Rs. 1,00,030 Value)

Total Value - 5,00,000

Rs 19,997

Package available for a limited time

I attended the Session Of JMAC. 
Trust me its world class training course meant for all. One in life time opportunity to unleash your potential. 
The whole new dimension for digital business. Virtual training and amazing efforts. t
raining with love , care , attention and dedication.

- Kavita Kiran Parmar

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