How much ever you talk about fear , it only goes when you actually experience it and face it . If you take a lizard as an example , how much ever I tell you about it ,but still when you see it you will start jumping all over . The fear only goes when you touch it and feel it and realise that it wont do anything. Same goes for the sales as well , if you touch and feel the stress of sales again and again, it will disappear .

Lets tell you all the 4 tips, the 4 P’s of Selling . Your fear is surely hiding in between these 4 P’s , so lets find your fear , understand the P’s and work on the them to make your fear go away .

1-Past Programming The fear that we keep inside related to our past , the fear of NO ,a negative emotion fitted in our subconscious mind . Once being denied by someone ,or being said no and facing the awkwardness and embarrassment because of the NO ,which leads to also people laughing at us . All of this has created a fear of NO within us , which we have to remove . We start feeling that we are not good enough when people laugh at us , we feel we are not better .So all we have to do is convince ourselves that we are good enough , keep saying to yourself that you are good enough . It is a affirmation that we have to put in our subconscious mind that we are good enough . To remove the fear of NO you have to first believe in yourself ,like yourself and make yourself believe that your are good enough ! And this will surely create magic and will do wonders .This will increase your presence of mind .

You may have surely atleast got one YES on your sales , you further might have served them and got good results . So gather these testimonials , go through them and read them , this will make you realise that you are doing good work, your product is good and you’re helping others . Recall , Reread, and Gather these testimonials for others but especially for yourself . Because you have to sell yourself to yourself first .

2-Product We work according to the external locus way , which means” its not my mistake , my product is not good enough” . Focus on what your product is about , there is always going to be something better than something else . Basically no product is perfect . A bad seller is the one who portrays his product as bad . No products are perfect , all the products are improving ,this comes in the picture when you cannot help in the improvement of the product . But if your an entrepreneur or at a senior position at your company , you hold the capability of improving the product . At this time you have to look after the rule V = 2P , meaning the value has to be double, triple, or n times the value you are charging ,then selling becomes service . So to become a better salesman improve your product and convert your selling into service and help your customers .

3-Purpose Your purpose matters a lot , whats your purpose?? To earn ?? or to serve and help humanity? . When the desire to help someone is bigger than the greed to earn money from the sales , then there will be no fear of selling . Always create a win-win situation . Do not push your customer to buy something when its of no use to them , rather tell them that this is not the right product for you ,doing this will help you gain their trust ,good karma and good confidence.

4-Process (System) of sales Majority of people do not have a step by step system , I have learnt it from Mr Sam Oven ,Mr Grant Cardone ,I made a proper system and even should learn it . Its important because it helps you gain confidence , get clearity ,and also increases the predictability .

Now lets get a recap of the points that we discussed and know where are you lacking ,and work towards its roots so that we automatically get the fruits.

1-Fear of Selling ( NO ) Convince yourself that you are good enough and keep saying ‘I like myself ‘.

2-Gather testimonials Read them revise them for yourself .

3-No product is absolutely perfect No product is perfect all the products are improving , don’t doubt your product and bring control on internal locus .

4-If product is in your hand , keep improving . Remember the V= 2P rule . Keep improving your product .

5-Desire to help should outweigh your greed The Desire to help always should be greater than the greed to earn money.

6-Create a win-win situation Do not sell the product if it’s of no use to the customer , tell them the truth .

7-Process /System of sales Learn a process from someone who has been a wonderful sales person , things will turn out to be different in a good way and give you clearity .

If you are interested in knowing my sales process system you can check out the link below